About me

My name is Ilaria Mazzoni and I live in Italy.
I started to work with doll hair when, collecting Fashion Royalty, I played with them changing color 
hair and hairstyle. But with resin doll rerooting the hair was not possible, so I started to make hard cap wigs.
I studied many different techniques before I managed to make a wig that looked similar to
rerooted hair or a real woman hairstyle.
I had some collaborations with famous doll's maker and doll's artists and I'm actually working for
some doll company.
I chose the name Timeofdoll, because I believe in life there is a time for every thing....
I have had so many passions, as to play volleyball, play classical guitar, manga books and paint.
Passion for dolls, particularly passion to create wigs for them, has marked a great change
in my life, leaving no more space for other hobbies.
I have created more than 4000 wigs realizing the most varied models and styles.
This untiring passion and the amazing support that I have always received from all of you
collectors that have played and loved my creations, has brought me to the decision to leave
my job as an accountant to become a full time wig maker.
I believe that there is nothing more beautiful than to be able to work on what we really love
and for that I am very grateful and I feel very lucky.
I wish that Timeofdoll will be able to go on making beautiful wigs forever.